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About The Legion

Post by postman-muecke on Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:16 am

The Legion is looking for members.

We originally are a BF:P4F clan that has in the meantime included brigades for BF:H, WoT, APB:Reloaded, Minecraft, AVA and many others. We already have a decent player base, but we are still looking to increase it!

We highly value active, mature and loyal members! (This doesn't mean you have to be 18+, it does however mean you have to act mature)

The Legion has a military structure, in addition you will receive ribbons for memorial achievements.

"A very interesting group of people in the Legion. From the old to the young, to the focused and the comical."
- SilverHawk

"The Legion is the place to be if you wanna have a trustworthy team that knows how to play, but still has fun."
- Frutista

"Definitely worth your time to go apply on the forums and talk to some of the guys!"
- 7x70

So are you looking for a clan with diverse yet mature members, apply now!

There is a trial-period of, usually, 1 month during which new applicants get a provisional membership.

- Respect: Always respect everyone, we are a mature clan!
- Teamwork: Work as a team, it will bring victory!
- Language: Our official language is english, please don't use other languages on this forum. Also no faul language is tolerated!
- Membership: You can only be part of this clan! (You can be part of other clans for games we don't play)
- Activity: Being active is appreciated, however not obligatory. Let us know if you can't be online for more then a couple of days!

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